Hello! I'm Dale Simpson, I help organizations become digital first by building digital product delivery teams that create high quality customer experiences at scale. Let’s build something awesome together!

In a world where the experience is the product, and market disruption can originate from nearly anywhere, the new digital organization’s path to commercial and social success is the creation of rich experiences for both customers and staff.

The pillars upon which the ability to create these experiences stand, are having a product orientation, a robust technical architecture, a contemporary human-centric talent strategy, and a deliberate approach to knowledge management - all, in turn, standing upon a foundation of Lean thinking and Lean leadership.

Over the past 25+ years, my focus has been on influencing the creation of organizations that every client wants to work with, and where the best talent wants to work.

The challenge of building digital first organizations has led me to draw on wisdom from the leading thinkers in areas such as organizational psychology, quality, process efficiency, strategy, organizational change, leadership, user experience, product management, and service design to name a few. Combined with my own experiences with a wide variety of clients in product delivery, professional services, information security, IT production operations, team performance coaching, Lean-Agile software development, DevOps and management consulting, I have developed a high-impact approach to creating vibrant digital product organizations.

The foundational elements of my approach include establishing a holistic view of delivering customer success through service design and systems thinking, minimizing decision latency through distributed decision making, creating key feedback loops, and a customer-centric definition of quality. All of this is anchored in the creation of a diverse and inclusive culture that fosters an environment where everyone can be their happiest, most innovative, and creative selves.

For more on my approach, please see a recent interview from the What’s Your ( R )angle podcast where we discuss the question of “Can a Design System align an organization?”

If you possess an intense focus and energy for building outstanding organizations that make great digital customer experiences, please reach out. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and explore the possibilities!